Sunday, January 25, 2009

Big Month, missy!

Dearest K, 

Ten thousand and one apologies for my lack of posts the last month. I've been overwhelmed by my own life, as well as the life of our politics. So many things have happened... so many blogs posts in my head that have yet to be realized. BUT.... truth be told: I am back in the saddle. (promise!) I am MARRIED, and OBAMA is president. Big things are a happening.... great way to start off a new year. Fresh and progressive love.

As a quickie to start us off, wanted you to checkout this handmade maps site as fodder for our piece for "Drawing is a Verb.." in Seattle. We pushed and pulled a few ideas back and forth while you were visiting - (aren't all great ideas realized in an Irish pub??) and I'm still thinking about things. (I also like the idea of us entering whatever we produce to the above website.. seems right up our alley.) Above are some already submitted examples.. as well as a purchase I made while on our "mini-moon"to St. Augustine "the oldest city in Florida". I have always wanted an old Florida map - and now I have it. Perhaps it will give me historical clues to a what a good marriage entails? - Pots of gold, fountains of youth.. ?

Regardless, I'm thinking of napkin map doodles, fun asides on location, random tidbits of information combining to create a map of our collective experience. 
Here's something I whipped up this afternoon.. on all of my friends and how they are connected.  A rough start.. but I'm liking it.

Ok, K.. Here's to being back, and a productive and happy 2009. It was so so good to see you, I miss you already!