Wednesday, June 24, 2009


Dear K, 

WE DID IT... A collaborative show after years of talking about it. Whoo! Everything is on the walls, technology - both new and archaic - is working, lights are set... action. For those few who read this, the opening is on Friday, June 26 from 6 - 9 p.m. at the ARC Gallery in Chicago. See more info here: ARC Gallery. And in Time Out Chicago

Despite our ridiculously crazy week.. I think everything looks great. I'm not sure how we have managed to have parallel lives for almost 10 years - but am so happy that we are still working around and within the same ideas. After seeing "HomePage" on the walls, I am proud at how interdisciplinary we still are. - Showing collages, handmade books, animations, drawings, slide projections, etc.. It was nice to feel like we could play again.. . Who knew that getting back to the idea that art was fun to make would be such a journey. I'm grateful we have done it on parallel paths.. 

Above are some pictures.. although I'm sure we will post more. 


p.s. Thanks for letting me camp out on your couch and invade for the hottest week of the summer!

Monday, June 8, 2009

cute collections

rock trade

Geez, K. We're really slackin' off here. Welp, I have a couple of links to share. Maybe it'll get us back into it.

The first, a blog collection of sweet photographs: small rocks hand-picked, grouped, positioned, cradled---even crafted. LoveLea sent me the link over facebook (I'll have to research the connection). Individually and as a community the images are beautiful, simple, curious, and infused with child-like wonder. View all the entries:
C and I made our own response in the form of an animated GIF (at top).

The second collection, was a tip from Not only are we getting a glimpse of participants' record collections, it's a quick look into their homes, lives, closets, and (best of all) cornball threshold. I love it! You can even browse by artist. Here is Barbara:
And here is our entry as "Funny Face" + "Phil Ochs":Any other blog/virtual/communal collections to share?
Can't wait to see you soon!