Thursday, May 26, 2011

under water

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aquarium, a set on Flickr.

Hey K! Productive weekends like yours are just so damn satisfying. Nice work! Mine was busy, but I don't know if I got much done.

We did enjoy our trip to the Shedd, though. The jellies were really cool! Above are some pics.

I'm currently without a computer (using the hub's), but will post later about my crazy week! I'm in deep, and hope I can reach the surface come the weekend. I'm anxious to work on my piles! Yours are looking good.


Sunday, May 22, 2011

Words + Wood + Paint

Hey K,

Whoo. . . feels good to get so much stuff done this weekend. It's been beautiful weather and I've been outside + inside enjoying my space and light.

Here's a breakdown of what's been happening around here:
1. Friday: Hubs installed baseboard in our bedroom (free!). Meanwhile, I printed 15 linocut "first tries". (Not totally satisfied, still experimenting with paper, color and considering cutting several others to layer on top so there is more going on.. ) But it did feel good to pull some prints - remember our first printmaking class together? I'm working on this as my version of "piles".
2. Went out to play scrabble and get fancy coffees with the Mr. He kicked my butt by getting a "scrabble" (extra 50 points, damn!) Of course, this made me into a sullen, cranky teenager. ;)

3. Saturday: Nightstand makeover. Painted two and added awesomely wierd wood knobs (that I got at a bargain $1.50 each!) The start of our list of summer "under $40" house
renovations. Yea!
4. Designed two fun things for Brother Bear's birthday coming up. (I'll post after he gets them.. even though I'm sure he doesn't read this)
5. Cleaned out closet.. found clothes I forgot about. Free shopping!!

6. Sunday: Hubs and I put on our suits and washed, waxed and oil changed our cars.
7. ---------- and the day is still young. Have plans with the other K tonight.

Something about this photo that I love..

What a great weekend! (They are certainly not always this productive) Next weekend we are going on a mini-road trip to our old Tally streets. Look for pics down nostalgic lane. Hope you are so great. How was the aquarium?

Love ya,

Wednesday, May 18, 2011

Summer Tunes

Hey K,

Love that lil' sumpin sweet. . . so sweet of you. You are always so good at making things to make people feel better.

Not alot to report here either.. in a lazy summer way. I've been working on two blogs for my summer design classes. Thought you might want to see them, even though they are a work in progress: Photoshop and Intro to Mac.

Above are two favorite Holga images the Mr. and I's road trip last summer. Both of these were taken in sweet, summery Savannah, Ga... One of my favorite places.

Last weekend was social weekend: dinner party at our house, party at friends house and Mom over for breakfast. Tomorrow night we are going to see Lovers, I'm digging new music these days and this is a super funny video. This weekend I'm hoping to work on two art proposals and some home projects including a nightstand makeover. Will post, post haste.

Hope you are great. Miss your voice... expect a phone call from me!
xo, K

Sunday, May 15, 2011

just a lil' sumpin

I do like those drawin's. Thanks for sharing. Oh, and I can't wait to look at all our old pics/notes/doodles from our cross-country adventure!

Welp, not much to report. The above image is just a lil' thing I made for KVZ last week. She's in recovery now, and I've heard she's doing just fine. :)

I'll leave you with a video. We went to see Jonathan Richman at the Hideout last Sunday. It was amazing! He is so loveable---the whole audience was dancing and smiling for 2 straight hours! This is a clip from the show (I found on YouTube--the funniest part is when the person taking the video starts sing over top):

Looking forward to seeing the real Holga pics!
Love you,

Wednesday, May 11, 2011

A quick sketch

Dear K,

This site by Homer Steinweiss reminded me of you.

Happy Wednesday. Happy trails.
Love, K .

Monday, May 9, 2011

Photo cowboys

Howdy partner!

I see that you got the gingham cowboy bug in you, since your trip out west! I done reckin' that I luv that there animation.

Thanks for posting those photos, and yes - I'm newly obsessed with my Hipstamatic. Bizarre that new technology could inspire me to revisit my old love, the Holga camera. I just might join the "photo a day" set. I've had many days off of lounging around reading, dancing with family, eating cupcakes and finishing carving my linocut. Here are some square dancing diptychs.

Your trip out west reminded me of ours, many moons ago. The top pic is a snap of the first page of that journal of cross-country doodles. ! Speaking of old processes', I'm currently scanning Holga negatives that I never got to from our road trip last summer. I'll post them next week so you can see the analog vs. digital difference.

I'm back in the saddle tomorrow.. ho hum.
"Cash love", K.

Sunday, May 8, 2011

country sayings and hoo-ha

(read in a deep southern drawl)
Welpy, things are plum peachy on the homefront. You could say I feel finer than a frog's hair split four ways and sanded twice. I'm keeping the smokehouse greasy and weedin' a pretty wide row, if you know what I mean. The weekend's flyin' by.

(normal drawl)
I put together this little demo yesterday for my upcoming AE class. I think I'm gonna have everyone pick one of these silly country sayings and illustrate with found images and text. What d'ya think?

Hope you're enjoyin' all the family time!

Thursday, May 5, 2011

time warp photo obsessions

There and back. It was a quick trip. I'll fill you in soon.
Yay for time to "studio" and obsess over visual pleasures! I'm not quite in studio mode yet, but I am obsessing...over pictures. (for Denver pics: my flickr set)

I've been noticing your hipstamatic pics have made it to the blog. I'm really liking this look---something about the almost-square format makes for good composition. My facebook friend, J, recently shared some of her pics as well (the above pic is hers--I think of C's and my piece in the Remake show). She started a cool project, an iPhone photo a day Flickr set--another on the list for inspiration in our quest for making a routine art practice. Check it out: project i365. I'm not familiar with all the filters and options of the iPhone camera or even the analog processes that it is emulating, but the color saturation, texture, and framing devices are good looking! I especially like the ones that somewhat obscure the overall scene and render the object in a strange light, like below:There is also this nebulous sense of time...

Flickr even has a Hipstamatic group (for the app users, that is)---maybe you should join?

I also discovered this Microsoft camera app: Photosynth. It is smart enough to calculate how you are holding your camera and weave together a seamless 3D panorama of the very spot you are standing. Awesome!

Anyway, I'll get to some making this weekend and post again.
Hope you are enjoying your break!


Tuesday, May 3, 2011

Explosions in habitat

Dear K,

These pattern and crochet obsessions rocked my world today.. Thought I would share.

Love, K.

Monday, May 2, 2011

Festivals of Sun and Studio Sundays

Dear K,

Whoa.. Yea to social weekends full of creative cooking! Looks like you all had a great time. Also - hope you have a great time in Denver! Congrats to your award, you so deserve the recognition. You participated in a 4x6 show and I participated in a 6x6 show.. continuing the parallel, I love it.

Well, one more semester down! Grades are almost turned in, and now for a little bit more lax summer schedule, including more studio days. To kick start the summer, Hubs and I went to SunFest in downtown WPB where we volunteered yelling "Get your beer right here!" for a few hours and then got to enjoy some music in the sun. Had a root beer float (my fav!) and saw MGMT. They were pretty awesome.

Spent Sunday in the studio starting a new linocut. Thinking about topographical maps of patterns. "Pattern-landia!" I'm so used to my trusty x-acto these days that I forgot how clunky linocuts can be. Fun though.. will post finished block when it is complete. Also brainstorming a new version of my cutting words to apply to a summer show. Keep ya posted.

Your photo diptychs are inspiring me. Think I'll work on a dualing retort this week.. stay tuned!

Love, K