Thursday, October 21, 2010

Color me happy...

Dearest K,

Your sock monkey painting is not only loved by me and the hubs every time we snuggle up on the couch - but now its featured as part of our lovely family room on Apartment Therapy's inspirational Room for Color contest 2010. Vote for us ;) I love looking at the interiors of personal spaces and seeing what people do with style, color, texture and light. We spend a lot of time back here, so cool to see that we made the contest.

Spread the good house word!

xoxo, K.

p.s. apparently I'm back to blogging ;) missing you.

Sunday, October 17, 2010

cutting words

Dear K,

I've had a burst of energy lately and wanting to show you things. . . Above are pics from my newest project, "Cutting Words". Also thought I'd share a fun pic of me flying my kite on my birthday, a tradition of mine. Was a fun weekend of laughter and love from friends and family, followed by romantic walks and kite flying on the beach before a fancy dinner at hub's restaurant. What a treat! (and thanks for the awesome book of lists!)

There is a bit of a cool breeze in my studio today, along with beautiful light gracing and informing my x-acto blade. How are you?

Love, K

Monday, October 11, 2010

it's sew you.

Dearest K,

Well.. so we aren't so big on posts these days, sew what! Love your deer with antlers image.

Seems like after a whirlwind summer, things have evened out - and I've sewn out some aggression. Here are some images from my piece, "Gender/Gentle Reminders" that is included in the "Myth of Power" exhibit at 1310 Gallery in Fort Lauderdale this weekend. The evening of art, Art Fallout, should be fun. Check out Girls Club Collection - think you'll like it, plus they have an awesome new website.

Next exhibit.. . cuttings. Will post images of my cut paper words this weekend. I'm loving all this meticulous handiwork - a nice compliment to design/computer work for galleries and classes. I know you know.

Happy fall. Miss you. xo, K.