Sunday, December 12, 2010

Wintry Mix

Your 10x10 looks great! Nice lighting effect on the word-ball. Reminds me of Ann Hamilton's Lineament. I'm sure you know of it, but it's featured in the ART21 series: video clip. Or a critique of it here, touches on some of the same concepts you are working with in your very tactile work.

Welp, not much to report on my end. Winter has officially hit, and we're trying to stay warm and cozy inside.I had a little surprise the other morning, though. The tiny cactus on my window sill opened up the most curious flower---it's really hairy and has the coolest pattern on it. C is sort of afraid of it. ;) I had no idea this little plant had such a big show to reveal.Just working on a few Christmas gifts in the studio these days. Chris and I made this for my brother Scotty--he needs something for his new apartment. His GF is living with him, too. She is a hairdresser, so we thought "Hair Metal" would be fitting for both of them. Okay. This is my last post before the big trip. Hope you have a wonderful break with lots of friend and family time. Love you!


P.S. The title of this post is a popular weather phrase used around these parts. Brother says it sounds like a party snack. However, it is not fun at all.

Wednesday, December 8, 2010

Basel it!

Dear K,

Thanks for your studio, net and home update. Love that you have been slowly stitching together another winter. Perfect for this time of year... we are on opposite production schedules based on our geography, I think. I am slammed in winter and basically stop to a screeching, sweaty halt for the summer... you wind down and cozy up for winter. At least the wheels are spinning! I really love your soft geography... interested to see where it goes. Also love your new mid-century chair (aka "K's guest bed" for the next time I visit) ;)
Here's my update:

Studio: Finished 3 exhibits in 4 weeks... whew. Really looking forward to that holiday break, but full of ideas. I thought I would post pics of my 10x10 installation, "cutting words".
around town: Continued art exhaustion at Art Basel this past weekend. Always full of inspiration and fun fashions. Here are some snippets.

Just a quick post today.
Miss and love, k.