Sunday, September 18, 2011

art in the warehouse

Wow. You need an assistant! Lookin' good!

Our cardboard machine was debuted last Friday. It was a cool show! I really love shows at non-art specific sites like this---seeing art objects mixed with other objects. Reminds me of Showtel, which by the of the curators for our show, Gretel, said she started the Hotel/Motel one night only art show phenomenon in Miami over 10 years ago, and she knows Kara Walker Tome. Funny, huh?
More on our completed project here:

Some other pics of the opening:
Karolina Gnatowski took over a spray room to show some new work.Bill Talsma performed a warbled lectured on all the places he's lived. His illustrations of remembered floor plans reminded me of your "homestellations." Bill was dealing with memory, but mostly playing with tropes of authority.
Furniture designers of Dock 6 Collective (the host of the show) exhibited their beautiful objects on a central runway. My faves were the works of Zak Rose and Dan Sullivan.
We got a lot of good feedback on our project. Most importantly, we made the Dock 6 guys (who work with the actual machines we were referencing) smile. :)

Let's chat soon!


Thursday, September 15, 2011

Paper, paper, glue, glue

Hey K,

LOVE that link! Thanks for it.. been thinking of you also. Fall is here (almost)... and not much more to report. I've been swamped with school life, class projects and design projects. And.. spending all extra time cutting and glueing.

Love your little sprouts! How's your newest cardboard project? When is your big opening?
Miss you.
xoxo, K.

Wednesday, September 7, 2011

cut me a story

I ran across this book sculptor (image above) and thought of you and your paper cuttings. Check out her work---it's bEEaUUUtiful!

Enjoying a green and sunny September so far! I just adore the ivy covered buildings all along the boulevards. And look! My Ornithogalum has had another litter of pups. Don't they look like giant green sperm?
Just a quickie! More soon.
Love ya,