Thursday, February 23, 2012

Ah! So long, so much.

Dearest K,
I can't believe it!  It's been 3 months!  I'm terrible. 

It's not out of laziness, though, I'll assure you of that.  I've been busy busy busy.  Here's a quick archive of events:

Chris had a birthday = we got a record player!

Surprise weekend with you and art--sooooo good.

I hugged a Polar Bear in December.

Quick visit home for Christmas--to see a very mustached family and petrified trees on eroding beach (Huguenot Park).

New Year's Day good luck brunch with brother and friends.
Chinese New Year celebration at our house!

Rebuilding the Soft Shop (debuts THIS Saturday with a folk song sing along).

Ryan and Stacey's wedding weekend in Jamaica.  

A very chill birthday (thanks for my delightful gifties from you!).

And major, I mean seriously major, work on the Traveling Truck Show project.  Check out the Call for Performers and Resources on our website.   I've been finding incredible research, making connections, presenting proposals to City Advisory Councils, writing parts of the script, and getting completely consumed.  It's wonderful! 

love and miss,