Sunday, March 27, 2011

piles of xeroxed paper, little snacks, and glittery rocks

K! OMG, that "put a bird on it" video was hilarious and so true! It does seem all the craft fairs have meet Hitchcock's The Birds. Hee.

You beat me to it this week---awesome! Glad you're finally working on pattern. I totally know how it feels to be thinking about and collecting bits for something for a long time without being able to get down into it. So congrats!

My Thursday art day was somewhat productive. I completed another little study for piles (above). And I began scheming for another Mabel-type performance for the fall. Just trying to figure out logistical things: like renting a truck for 3 days to perform in it, possible locations of the touring performance, how to get others involved from the get-go, what this should be about... It's exciting, though.

Yesterday, C and I had a fun outing to the Chicago Zine Fest, which had 3 floors of Zinesters showing/selling their wares, workshops, lectures, and a little film fest. This was the most beautiful animation: I love the sketchy aesthetic and haunting sound production. Very inspiring for my own upcoming animation project.We bought a few zines for the Good Stuff House collection, and then enjoyed Dim Sum in Chinatown. After filling our bellies we came home to fiddle around the house. I'm propagating a few plants. Check out my baby airplants atop the rock collection---rocks from Victoria, B.C. and Unicoi State Park. ;) Looking good!More next week. Love ya!

Friday, March 25, 2011

Put a bird on it...

Dear K,

Hey! How was your Thursday art day yesterday? I had a random day off so I feel a little more relieved of stress this week. The last few weeks I have been really thinking about fabric. Fabric design, fabric repeats, fabric remnants that I have been collecting for years. What is it about pattern that I love so much? (Note pattern research above) Remember my new goal of pattern design? - This silly, crafty, stitchery has been unfinished - hovering and flying over my studio papers for at least 3 years. (ridiculous) I think I have carted these fabric scraps through 3 different states, its about time that they are put to rest and completed. Think they will look great on our living room sofa.

There is something so wonderful about hand stitching with windows open, drinking iced tea and trying to remember all of the sewing lessons that my Mom and Grandma have given me over the years. Despite their patience, I'm still a horrible seamstress... . . oh well.

Hope you are enjoying a moment of sunshine. Happy Spring!
Love, K.

p.s. Also, the reasoning for the post's title is this HYSTERICAL video from Portlandia. No birds next week!

Saturday, March 19, 2011

Dear K,

Don't worry - I'm in! Just busier than the usual busy of a week... Thanks for such a great get away in the woods. Between seeing you, E, and an old friend, I - I am re - art energized!

Love the piles and your vintage watercolor set rescued from a Helen, Ga shop. (I ironed on my jean patches today, a .50 perfect fix!) We'll start the piles talk soon... meanwhile, I'm smack dab in the middle of design land. Above is the wedding invite that I just designed for E + S's October big day.

Next week I'm hoping to have something less design and more crafty goodness. Hope you are having a great weekend.

xoxo, K.

p.s. your "piles" drawing reminded me of this piece by artist, Heather Layton. Something about the layering and colors...

Thursday, March 17, 2011

pile studies

Thursday studio time produced first study for piles project. Weekly art-making has begun!
Your turn.

Sunday, March 13, 2011

following the others

Hey K! We had a wonderful weekend together with E in the North Georgian woods. I'm fired up to get back on our virtual sharing.

I wanted to share some other bloggers (people I know) who post frequent snippets to guide and inspire their personal art practices---a lead, I think, we can follow.

First up: Tailored
Lindsay Chenault Bolton shares her inspiration and observations about hand lettering, typography, design trends in general, and life---referencing imagery she stumbles upon on etsy or other artist/designer sites. She also posts her own work in process--drawings, tracings, and final product shots.

Second: Everyday Artworks
Katherine Lion started this blog as a way to force herself to make. (Sound familiar?) Her goal is to create one thing a day for a whole year, and she has made it to 183 so far---halfway there!

So...let's quit procrastinating and just do it!

Here's the goal: Once a week, we'll post up something, anything that we are working on artistically (design, craft, planning, research...whatever!). Hold me accountable, and I'll do the same for you.

What d'ya say?