Monday, February 25, 2008

Codex and Cantos; mixed with a little chalk

Dear K,

I had a great art weekend myself. The gallery I work at, Red Dot Contemporary, had a great opening of artist, Rick McKee Hock. His polaroid transferred images were mysterious, eerie and read like a visual document of the 1970s to 1980s. Images of Andy Warhol, medical illustrations, and historic photographs were mixed with pop culture images of those pesky Garbage Pail Kids and comic bookesque drawings. His work filled the small space beautifully, mixing a delicate process with smart context. I happen to love polaroid transfers.. they allow space for the idea of a "painterly photograph" - which seems to be something that I crave, aesthetically.

I also went to the Lake Worth Annual Sidewalk Chalk Festival and saw my local streets (in addition to sweaty bodies) covered in colored hues. Anytime you mix community art, jazz and $5.00 jumbo, freshly sqeezed lemonade (I opted not to partake in the gyros) you can count on a good time!

Love, K.

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