Thursday, February 5, 2009

Tangential creatures and geographics

Dear K, 
As a way of distracting myself from all of the papers I have in front of me.. I just had this amazing "internet walk-about." In Aboriginal culture, a "walk-about" is a way of reconnecting with the earth - physically and mentally stimulating and reevaluating your senses. Sometimes we wander - walking around the neighborhood, walking around in our to-do lists, and also a contemporary idea of a "walk-about" online. For some reason I am fascinated with this experience. What if we could track ourselves like hunters track their prey? What would the maps of our clicks look like? (I'm sure their is some algorithmic program already doing this as I am typing... but I will continue). 

Here is my path of the last 20 minutes: 

1. Look at stack of 75 papers - take a sip of tea, glance around office walls, feel the heat coming out of the vent, stare at screen for distraction. 
2. Log onto College Art Association to see if the exhibit I am curating is still up. Approaching deadline means that I am getting nervous that no one will apply. 
2. Notice a call for work called, "Creatures Great and Small" 
3. Love the idea - think of entering prints of my longstanding obsession with jellyfish. Go to Murray State University website for more details. (also had to find out where Murray State was in the world. See: Kentucky.)
4. Read prospectus... notice their current exhibition entitled, "Amy Honchell: Personal Geographies". 
5. Google Amy Honchell, find her website.

6. Subsequently, get immediately completely obsessed with her work. 
7. Realize that she is from Chicago and has exhibits with Anne Wilson regularly. (another fave)
8. Read her CV - (because I enjoy the feeling of intimidation) - notice that she has an M.F.A. in Fibers from the Art Institute of Chicago. 
9. Think of C-Koala bear. Think of lovely Janae
10. Think that you should be hanging out with these amazing creatives. 
11. Get frustrated with my local artistic geography. 
12. Go on a visual tangent remembering the Discovery Channel special I watched, drooling, on the Great Barrier Reef last night. 
13. Re-obsess over jellyfish as a creature. 
14. Think of lovely Jennie's creature drawings.. and how I n
eed to order her 2009 calendar. 
15. Revisit thinking of entering "Creatures Great and Small" exhibit. 
16. Revisit said 75 papers in front of me. 
17. Decide to blog to distract. 

Whoo... this is a typical day in the life of K. Lots of working, lots of daydreaming, lots of distraction. Florida is  the perfect distraction. I had an epiphany the other day when I realized that I was so focused in the snow. Here, I am 5 minutes from getting in my shiny new marital canoe. (literally and figuratively)

Another blog is en route.... follow the dotted lines. 



Ahcri said...

I'm very good friends with Amy Honchell. She is getting a lot of recognition these days but she's really really nice.

Ahcri said...

By the way, this is C-Koala.