Monday, June 8, 2009

cute collections

rock trade

Geez, K. We're really slackin' off here. Welp, I have a couple of links to share. Maybe it'll get us back into it.

The first, a blog collection of sweet photographs: small rocks hand-picked, grouped, positioned, cradled---even crafted. LoveLea sent me the link over facebook (I'll have to research the connection). Individually and as a community the images are beautiful, simple, curious, and infused with child-like wonder. View all the entries:
C and I made our own response in the form of an animated GIF (at top).

The second collection, was a tip from Not only are we getting a glimpse of participants' record collections, it's a quick look into their homes, lives, closets, and (best of all) cornball threshold. I love it! You can even browse by artist. Here is Barbara:
And here is our entry as "Funny Face" + "Phil Ochs":Any other blog/virtual/communal collections to share?
Can't wait to see you soon!

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