Wednesday, December 8, 2010

Basel it!

Dear K,

Thanks for your studio, net and home update. Love that you have been slowly stitching together another winter. Perfect for this time of year... we are on opposite production schedules based on our geography, I think. I am slammed in winter and basically stop to a screeching, sweaty halt for the summer... you wind down and cozy up for winter. At least the wheels are spinning! I really love your soft geography... interested to see where it goes. Also love your new mid-century chair (aka "K's guest bed" for the next time I visit) ;)
Here's my update:

Studio: Finished 3 exhibits in 4 weeks... whew. Really looking forward to that holiday break, but full of ideas. I thought I would post pics of my 10x10 installation, "cutting words".
around town: Continued art exhaustion at Art Basel this past weekend. Always full of inspiration and fun fashions. Here are some snippets.

Just a quick post today.
Miss and love, k.

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