Monday, November 10, 2008

Back at ya, Panza...

Dearest K, 

Hello, long lost friend. Don't fret, I never forget about you, even when I don't post. Things have been quiet and crazy at the same time. Sometimes life gets in the way of art... except this past weekend! I had a great time at the Pyramid Atlantic Book Arts Fair in Silver Springs, Md. It was great to see so many books and bookish people. It gave me a little kick and I came home wanting to feel the sweet tactility of paper, the smoothness of my bone folder, and the intricacies of hand-bound texts. I have many new things to post about! Before I post a few links to fellow friends and new contacts - in addition to going to the fair, I squeezed an hour out for myself to visit the Hirshorn Museum and their newest exhibit, "The Panza Collection". It was a quest in text, linguistics and a feat in vinyl lettering. After spending a few hours installing vinyl lettering at my job last week, I was quite impressed with their largely scaled fonts splashed onto walls and around corners. 

I particularly liked a work, Box, Cube, Empty, Clear, Glass- A Description by Joseph Kusuth and a wall drawing, Wall Drawing #3 of Sol Lewitt. (I'm a sucker for Lewitt's wall drawings that he famously sends directions to install, not even making the actual work itself... This brings up issues of ownership, the delicate nature of the artist vs. the artist assistant, the role of the museum and the curators.) Other artists displayed included Lawrence Weiner, Richard Long's rocks and the above blue-light installation of Doug Wheeler. 
Although it was one of my quickest in time-duration museum experiences, it was lovely to be in such a space. Every once in awhile, I crave those massive museum's to stroll around, it always makes me remember my semester of exploring art history in London.

Stay tuned for tomorrow's post on book arts and artists. Hope you enjoyed your weekend of fun and art!

Love ya, 

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