Wednesday, November 19, 2008

Lizards in storage...

Hey K, 

     Love your post about the makings of a country song... and new work inspired by simple materials promoting big ideas. Today I had a word-feud with a fellow artist about the validity of contemporary art. After a heated debate, we agreed to disagree on the merits of craft, "low" materials and attempt at conveying an emotion through unconventional means. He is in the school of only accepting traditionally aesthetically pleasing work as "art". Saying "art should always be beautiful." I remain unconvinced. 

     If art is always subjective, then art can be anything. Aforementioned acquaintance seems to have rules as to what is beautiful, and he leaves no room for other options. This makes me crazy! Maybe we should publish your rules for a good country song as being parameters with which we judge artistic work?? Instead of the principles of design and antiquated notions of "the academy" - Structure, familiarity, character, drama and heart - all things that we crave in our lives and in our creations. 
     I've posted a few pics from wanderings of the last week. A trip to the zoo with S, and an evening of art in a storage center. I love the idea of art being shown in storage centers... think of all of the exposure we could bring to suburbia! One (of the many issues) that I have with suburbia is the lack of cultural contact. If we change the definition of viewing artwork - instead of just in art centers, galleries, museums - storage centers seem ideal. Small cramped spaces leading to more small cramped spaces, the perfect container for creation. Each space was interpreted by different artists, creating "high" and contemporary installations amid the sterile environment of sheet metal cubes. 

Predictably, I responded to the installations using natural fibers and themes. I seem to be on a white kick - hence the porcelain mushrooms as well as the condoms filled with sand surrounding a clock. Our clocks are ticking.... I can feel them. - But that's another post entirely!
xo, K.

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