Wednesday, May 13, 2009

Rugged up and left hanging out to dry...

Dear K, 

After weeks of thoughts of wallpaper, I'm continuing down the textile train to rugs - artist designed rugs. I've always been interested in textiles, but since moving to south Florida, have been able to embrace design a little bit more. Particularly in Miami, design in extremely important and exhibited all over the city. The last time I went down to Miami, I was saddened to see one of my favorite "living rooms" (image below) has been drowned in graffiti. . . The Design District is always a visual overload of beautifully designed objects de arte. Most are too expensive for my tight pockets, but a girl can dream. 


While researching the judge of the wallpaper exhibit that I am in through the Florida Craftsmen organization that starts in 2 weeks, I came upon Home Miami Magazine. The article on designers Doug and Gene Meyer in the July 2008 online issue re-sparked my love of the nubby, well-designed, large scaled rugs seen above. A tad more design/space/slick than we normally post about - I'm interested in how these woven threads can so drastically change not only the architecture of the room, but the objects within it.  

All of this talk of Miami and rugs made me think of an artist I have run into a few times, Michelle Weinberg. An impressive, multi-disciplinary artist, I love how she translates the same visual aesthetic with her paintings to her surface designs

Can we start our own wallpaper and rug line (You know, in our spare time - ha!)  Thoughts towards the future of the repeated pattern.... 


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