Thursday, July 23, 2009

more "home" talk

Oooo! K! Was that the book we saw in the MCA shop? Looks sooo good! Well...yep. Busy as always, but really wanting to get back into this. I can't believe our show is already over. On to the next thing, I guess.

When my parents were in town a couple of weeks ago, we did this little garden tour in Bucktown. In addition to the walking in and around cool outdoor spaces, it was great to see a variety of living scenarios---old homes, newly remodeled condos, mini-castles, and little quirky niches. I thought of you and your almost official house-buying, and felt very hopeful about mine and C's future options. I think we've always looked forward to crafting our own "homes" one day in a more permanent way, and I'm super envious of your incredible find. Gettin' it going, girl! I can't wait to see it in person.

Here are some pics from the walk:[The above place was my favorite spot---owned by an artist couple. The house was small, adorable, and creatively decorated (a hand-constructed swing in the living room, lime green and white checkered tile in the kitchen), and the backyard space was contemplative and magical including flowing water, succulents, a crazy wild onion plant and a vine heavy wooden porch perfect for morning coffee/sketchbook time.]

Although I took down our show last Saturday, I'm still thinking about it and want to start our discussions again about this topic. Maybe it could lead to new topics, new work, more shows, etc. And instead of writing a review, I want to ask some questions (and would love if you asked me some, too.) goes:
  1. What do you think is the connection between paper and architecture, besides your personal magnet towards these things?
  2. Why is working with pieces, swatches, fabric, pattern, thread, wood and various other little things so pleasurable?
Well, I think our show was a success for several reasons! It got us back to enjoying the making of art, it forced to get over the hump of lethargic production, and proved our continuing collaboration---we ARE indeed "in conversation."

To keep this up, I'm giving myself an assignment (and promising on virtual paper to you). This weekend, I plan to visit the Home Gallery's "Diorama Show" and report back about the space and exhibit.

Til then, have a fantastic canoe and hope to talk again soon.


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