Thursday, October 8, 2009

The power of the sharpie marker...

Dear K,

First - congrats, Mrs.!!!

Wouldn't you love this combination of wall drawings, sharpie markers as a faux wallpaper in your newly married apartment?? - I certainly would. And you could save so much money on furniture! See the artist's website for further images.

I'm clearly in a nesting phase, but still pondering my wallpaper piece that I did earlier this year. I'm thinking of transforming it into an installation for an upcoming show. The idea of combining a medium that has such a royal/regal history like wallpaper, with the casualness and low-brow nature of a sharpie is pretty genius. Opposites - let's talk about them.

High art vs. low art
Tiny drawings vs. wall drawings
Motion graphics vs. still images
Delicate vs. powerful
Quiet vs. loud.

This is where I'm at today - stuck in the middle, but enjoying the line quality.


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