Sunday, May 3, 2009

Paper that wall!

Dear K, 

Urban decayed romance is exactly what I have been thinking about lately - and these dramatic scenes where something has gone awry have been trickling into my daily writings, installation ideas, slide manipulations and filmic thoughts. It's always a quiet scene, where colored thoughts lie scratched and eaten - their layered qualities seeping and swimming into each other. You're right about these "anti-slides" (as Step cleverly dubbed them..) they are much darker than I usually work. I think this "complex subtraction" stems somewhat by the life phase that I am in - newly married - starting a new life, trying to figure out what to bring into it from the past, and what to scratch out entirely. 

Speaking of mechanics and motion, I can hardly wait to see your automatas. There is something simultaneous masculine about trying to figure out the mechanics of how things work, and the delicate, feminine quality of your "steam puffs" - which hint at craft, sewing and airy, soft clouds. Its an equation of Duchamp/Dada + Folk Art + Contemporary dioramic photographic studies. Keep pushing those buttons!

On another note: While you are venturing into artist + engineer; I'm knee deep in artist + architect/interior designer. 

Wallpaper is never far from my thoughts. There is something about the delicacy of a simple and beautifully repeated pattern. I've always been in love with that Charlotte Perkins Gillman story, "The Yellow Wallpaper". Recently accepted into an exhibit called: "Paper: On and Off the Wall" .  . . I've been experimenting with delicate lines. Here are some great reference websites that I have found in the last week:, and

Repeat and paste on YOUR walls. Can you guess which above image is mine? (The rest are from

Hoping for a repeat of my super productive week and weekend. 


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