Wednesday, January 13, 2010

William Kentridge: Five Themes

Dear K,

Ever since we saw this fantastic exhibit at the Norton, I have been wanting to post about it. I think we both agreed that it was the most visually stunning, aesthetically overwhelming and comprehensive exhibit we have seen in a long time. Time Magazine agrees, and lists it in it's Top 10 of 2009. Pretty wonderful exposure for the Norton! I also love this interactive site dedicated to the retrospective at SFMOMA.

Hand-drawn animation shown in short film format sometimes leaves me wanting more. (Again, with the tactile issue, again). .. But Kentridge's charcoal lends itself beautifully to be drawn out on screen - rubbing, smudging and wiping away the residue was a warm surprise to see in a film piece. I loved the rawness of the imagery and mark-making and could appreciate the ambition of his character development of Soho Eckstein and Felix Teitilbaum.

I'm so glad that we got to see this show together.. it started the year off on an ambitious art foot. Which inspiring exhibit is next to leave us optically exhausted?


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