Tuesday, February 9, 2010

Fiction project!

Hey K,

Where are you? I miss ya. I just got a little piece of inspiration in my mailbox today.. my sketchbook for the Art House Coop "Fiction Project". I can hardly wait to fill it up with words and images. My theme is "a million little..." So many ideas fill my head on this lovely breezy day. The windows are open in my studio and I am working on my lists. AH! Maybe that's it! "A million little lists..." I'm remembering an old bookmaking project involving all my lists.. funny to look at now. More letter writing... must be our thing lately.

Just a quick post to say hello. The above photo is a little quickie from our recent camping trip to a deserted Florida island.

I'm holding out until the end of the week with more art news. Stay tuned.


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Elise said...

Hi, ladies!!!! Check out my new blog-whatta think???