Monday, August 22, 2011

same ol' tricks

Hey K,
I've been busy! Whew.

The showcase is finally over. It was a huge success (but a lot of work!). Here are some pics of the Opening Night. This project took over my life for about 3 months, so...I'm glad to get back to normal.

C and I are working on a new project for a show in September at a furniture warehouse. We're building a machine. I'm up to my old tricks with this one---automata and animation. At top, is a still from the animation. It's supposed to act as the inside gears and such. If you can imagine, all those little things spin and move. I just need to add some handmade sound now. As far as the physical machine, C is doing most of the adorable detail work. I helped with the engineering of the whole, and wanted to make some parts that were movable. This little feller (below) will hide within and allow some really amateur functioning. Of course, however, in the studio, Dust and Co are on top of everything! Here are some pics of our progress:
Sometimes I can't even pick up a piece of cardboard without a fight! ;)
Anyway, it's good to be making something again, after such a full Summer. More soon on our little getaway, and other creative endeavors.
Congrats on your big new art opportunities---it's gonna be awesome!

Love ya,

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