Thursday, August 11, 2011

Boston style

Dear K,

Miss ya! Hope you are great.. I'm just getting back from an adventure vacation full of canoes, art and fun. Convinced my brother to go to the ICA - which I've been wanting to go to since it opened. It was well worth the trip to the harbor, especially the above video room. You would have loved it, so soothing. Saw an amazing video: "1st light" by Paul Chan which made me think of you - a slow, mesmerizing animation. A nice juxtaposition from all of the typical flashy fast pieces. You know it takes a lot for me to like video ;)

Also saw a great Francesca Dimattio large scale wall piece that made me want to revisit large collage/wall drawings. . . maybe soon. Maybe in our piles show??

Another treat was a "studio" exhibit on one of my all time favs, Eva Hesse. Her quote " My interest is in finding my own way.." in vinyl letters on the wall set the tone for me pondering many of my own new, small projects.

Next week yields school starting - first week as full time faculty! Plus, revisiting my cuttings for a new fall installation. I'll tell you all about it soon.. gotta get cutting! Hope you are great. Call soon.

xoxo, k.

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