Saturday, March 10, 2012

nice green!

Hey K,

Hope your Spring Break was as productive and relaxing as you planned!  Great landscaping job---looks lovely!  Banana and lime tree?  I'm jealous!  C and I just watched "The Descendents" for our date night last night.  Good movie, of course, but I completely adored how lush and green it looked in Hawaii.  Tropical plants are absolutely the best.

I've been documenting this little funny plant of mine, not intended for the tropics, but the desert.

My folks left me this lithop last July as a surprise parting gift after they visited Chicago. Over the last 8 months it has seen a dramatic change. It's almost alien! The new stone, growing out of the middle, requires no water for the winter months, as is feeds off the mother stone. Eventually the outer parts will wilt away. The baby stone, is already split in preparation for its cycle. I think it will just keep going like this forever.

Weird, huh?  Look at some of the other types of lithops here:

They sort of gross me out, but I'm totally fascinated.

Looking forward to seeing your new special room!  :)

Love you,

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