Thursday, March 8, 2012

Spring Break projects

Dear K,

Hey you! No worries... we've both been more busy than usual. Love your photo archive of updates - complete with birthdays, two trips to the sun (lucky!) and food stuffs.

This week was our spring break - a much needed breather from a busy semester of teaching! My goals for the week were as follows:

 1. Landscaping the front side yard along the driveway. (This of course took WAY longer than expected) We planted 3 palms, 2 banana trees and a lime tree as well as some ground cover grassy stuff - A tropical paradise!

2. Work on a particular room ;)

 My famous first geese painting ;) And a framed collage of animal prints on my old wallpaper that I made today. (The artist is the same one I sent that cat print you have on your shelves)

3. Reading at least 1 book (on to number 2 currently)
4. See friends and family I have been neglecting
5. Hang out with Hubby, since we both have the week off!
6. Exercise everday
7. Spring cleaning of house 
8. Studio mini-projects
9. Beach time
10. Cook, bake, eat yummy things (including the famous Philly Cheese Steak Sandwich ;)

So far... all have been accomplished except for the beach (too rainy!) despite 4 full days of yardwork. Studio day is tomorrow - I'm hoping to apply to a few things and also start brainstorming my next project. Also hoping the weather gets a little better so I can at least get a good walk on the beach in!

Above is a photo from ArtPalm Beach in January that I exhibited in. It was exciting to have 2 lil pieces in a booth at an international art fair. YOU are next!! Congrats on your new soft opportunity!

So excited about your upcoming Traveling Truck show too! The website looks amazing - great research links! I learned alot about Chicago! Well.. back to work on Monday, I'm going to squeeze in as much relaxing as possible.

Lots of love, K.

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