Saturday, July 5, 2008

4 views from the 4th

Hey K!

Happy holiday weekend. First, I haven't stopped looking at that BibiOdyssey page since you posted. I am always drawn to those old engravings, bookplates and illuminated manuscripts. Thanks for the find! Also love your life drawings - made my Art Appreciation students do some blind contour drawings the other day, always hysterical.

This long weekend has already been great. After a long and emotionally stressful week, S and I slept in yesterday, organized and cooked for our BBQ last night. I love that we can walk across the street for fireworks! I made potato salad and ate a ridiculous amount of deviled eggs.. my fav! Was great to have my family and new and old friends over.

These are some random summer pictures from this weeks adventures of making terariums (I know you love succulents! - In fact, I think I got my love of cacti from you.) and snorkeling. While under water, we saw millions of amazing fish. Made me want to get scuba certification - maybe someday. Today I'm in the studio, working on my bookmark project. I'll post them tomorrow, I'm on 50 out of 100. Halfway there..

Happy Saturday. Hope you are out and about in Chi-town.

Love from the water,

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