Thursday, July 10, 2008

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K - licious...

I got so excited when I read your double take and double trouble posts... I really love this twin-duo's work, and what a connection between contemporary arts and the history of perspective. Funny that you mention stereoscopes, I just showed my little "collection" of 3 stereoscopes from the late 1800's to my class this week. - Without the viewing device, but that's ok. I always compare it to a historical version of those Disney ViewFinders. I went to their website and their other work really reminded me of Tobias Putrih, whom I love. See his above image for the correlation and the connection to my most recent check off the list, and edition of 100 bookmarks.

Funny thing.. I think I am getting a little less neurotic - a few years ago I would have made these 100 little guys in about 2 nights. Cutting and hand-punching these bookmarks took forever! The good thing was that it felt good to make a lot of something small. I am still drawn to editions of tiny things.. there is something about the mystery of them, and the ritual of production. (Tell that to your contemporary class!) When I signed up for making these bookmarks, I wasn't really sure what I would end up doing.. I finally decided on the idea of "devouring a book." It's summertime and I have been devouring books on the couch and on the beach, and I like this simple metaphor. Plus, I have been dealing with Florida monster bugs, and like this idea of " slightly munching." Ideas of stiching back up these holes were on the table, then I thought better of it considering the size of the edition. Maybe this munching will turn into another project.

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I'm off to our old stomping grounds for the weekend.. where our K and K adventures began!


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