Wednesday, July 30, 2008

Roll with it...

Hey K,

I'm already feeling a little lighter now that my summer students final exams are graded. Whoo! 3 weeks to "relax" before the fall semester madness begins. I had a lovely and relaxing afternoon with our other favorite K yesterday and she remarked how my bookmarks reminded her of those old piano punched out roll cards. Upon searching for images, I discovered how beautiful and simple these little shapes are.. Who knew? I've posted some images I found along the way. After thinking of punch cards, my brain immediately went back to the Florida voting scandel as well as scantron cards we use for grading in schools. Funny how a series of rectangles can evoke so much history over various genres. I thought you would like a music reference, for once.

I just bought several little 8 x 8 canvases to start my collages on for our show. Let the games begin. (p.s. I can hardly wait for the Olympics ;)

Hope you are keeping cool and drinking lemonade. Wish I could send you some sweet tea.

It's hot, hot, hot,

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