Thursday, August 21, 2008

"Designed to Rip-Off" is genius!

(detail of print on backpack for sale at Hot Topic)

Okay, just wanted to share the tangential wave I just web-surfed.

#1: After introducing Damien Hirst to my contemp. class last week, a student said, "oh yeah, a friend of mine has some of those skulls jeans." I said, "surely, they aren't by Damien Hirst." And she replied, "well, maybe they're knock-offs." So, I decided to check into it.
"Love skulls and diamonds but don't have $100 million to spare? Never fear, the Damien Hirst skull knockoff has arrived!...consumers in search of a more affordable sparkly human head need look no further than Polish artist Peter Fuss, whose For the Laugh of God is made of a plastic skull covered in shards of glass and missing a tooth. For only $2,000 (and only $2 for a graphic print of the work), Fuss's skull is fine art for the masses." ~from RADAR magazine

Now...choose your own adventure:
To continue the rip-off discussion go to item #2; but to veer paths to read about laughable consumption, go directly to item #3.

#2: Continuing down the rip-off path, I found an interesting controversy related to Hirst and attacks of plagiarism--an annoying reminder of A and her protective ownership of ideas (ironically, the same ideas we accuse her of stealing from everyone else in the world of trendy cuteness).

"Stop Thief! Damien Hirst v. Lori Precious (her image above)

We love a good controversy around here and there is a rip-snorter going on in LA tonight. Damien Hirst is showing his latest incarnation of butterflies on canvas at Gagosian, and LA aritst Lori Precious is crying foul. As Precious sees it, Hirst has stolen her idea and now quite a few of her fans (and Hirst-bashers) have come out in support of her claim." ~read the rest of the article on (incli)NATION

#3: Jeans are metaphorically worth millions? Get yours on ebay:

Rare and collectable Black skinny mens jeans from Damien Hirsts Levi Collection
New with Tags from Barneys New York
Swarovski rhinestone skulls on rear pockets
Retail $322
Marked sz 31, but actually 35" waist
sz 35 Waist
39 " inseam


starting bid: $299

#4: It is, after all, a brand you're buying into. Thought this was an interesting point (below), but I'm worried---what's next?...designer toilet paper? "From ass-wipes to pillow shams of the elite, toilet paper has turned low brow to romance!"

[Speaking of Levi and Hirst team-up] "Both brands (and Hirst is definitely a brand name artist) have followed a literal rags-to-riches trajectory, in which their names have gone from shorthand for "rebel" to "luxury". For years it has been commonplace in Manhattan and LA for women to wear $300 jeans everywhere, including the office and cocktail receptions. Like jeans, Hirst has turned irreverence into sexiness. And both Hirst and Levis are still cashing in on their (anachronistic) standing as reigning symbols of anti-establishment mores." ~from art critic Ana Finel Honigman

#5: Lastly, smart consumers are turning to more underground sources. "I got my rhinestone skull jean customization for under $20!" Check out to really be impressed!
Well, that was fun!
i "heart" knock-offs,

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