Sunday, August 24, 2008

Shit for brains

Dear K, 

An interesting series of posts, my dear. So many questions to answer. Why CAN'T we tell New York and the art market to shove it? I find myself starting to side with my students as well when they say that age-old question of "Why is this art?" I find myself increasingly annoyed with rip-offs, yet continue to (what some would say) rip-off in my own work. This constant continuum continues to circle... How much of our ideas are our own and how much of them come from something we have seen before, saw in a magazine, on HGTV and taken from pop culture in general. I always love the word, "appropriated" because it's basically an art term for "stolen" slash "inspired by". According to Webster's, appropriated means to "to take or make use of without right or authority." Who is the authority??

Speaking of bullshit... I opened my monthly Art in America to an ad that merely said "SHIT" in a large and assuming font. I quickly learned that the infamous Andres Serrano is having a new exhibit at Yvon Lambert. I personally think that this is hysterical. In the history of his artwork, I am simultaneously revolted and intrigued. You commented on Jeff Koons being so "open with his jerky-ness" and Serrano is in the club as well. In fact, he may as well be the club's president. I find myself saying "And why do I care??" at the same time that if I extract the title and realistic subject matter of these above photographs, I find myself attracted to not only it's color scheme but the major "fuck you" that these represent. Serrano and Koons' bank accounts would laugh at ours. 

BUT (and this is my main question).. Do you think that these artists feel as lost as we do? Do they feel like they have "made it"? Do they feel the same pressures to keep making work? I mean.. its a major career decision to start making C-prints of literal shit. . . Is he locked into the can?

Regardless of all of this "moosehockey" as my dad used to say, I had a fantastic day of talking and riding bikes, and coffee and sewing. Something seemed to happen today.. I will post soon with photos of my in the works newly upolstered dining room chairs. You are right... I need tactile like a horse needs water. 

Things for tonight: sew, get ready for first day of the semester tomorrow. Talk soon!

With fabric not poop, 

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