Monday, September 8, 2008

It's a political circus!

Hey K, 
What a weekend... full of many highs and lows. A high was seeing someone finally broaching the subject of art + politics. These two have co-mingled for a long time, and what better time to make work about/around/opposing politics, than now? FAU had a great show, Political Circus, that exhibited a wide variety of interpretations of art + politics. Faux campaign slogans and media slandering were all around. . . as were unusual materials. Above were hand-knit ski masks of all of the senators; coupled with pieces by Laylah Ali and Marcel Dzama (two of my favorite contemporary artists) and a big-whigs such as Kara Walker and Kenneth Tin-Kin Hung. A variety of media were shown, which was refreshing, and the audience seemed to really respond to the work. 
As you know, I always like exhibition titles that wrap around more than just a one-liner pun. Phrases like "sideshow freaks" and "the ringmaster" came to mind... holding up the performance aspect of politics. How much of it is show and how much is substance? Most of the time, I feel like I'm stuck in one of those carnival "house of mirrors"... luckily, FAU provided solid ground for me to stand on. 

In other news, we sideswiped a major hurricane... by the skin of our teeth. Classes are just getting into the swing of things, I had a great yoga class yesterday, and the clouds are looking quite poetic tonight. I'm starting a new photo-based project on clouds; a la Alfred Stieglitz's Equivalents.   I like the idea of starting fresh by capturing something simple again, a way to further integrate art into life. 

Love to you, 

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