Monday, September 15, 2008

Ode 2 Laff: A Laughony

Hey k,
I want to respond to your posts, but will have to do so later. Just a quick plug for an upcoming arty event.

Project “Ode to Laff Box” needs volunteers!
Come participate in a laughter symphony! All laughs, timbres and tones needed!

On Saturday, September 20th @ 6pm, in Logan Square, I will conduct a symphony of 4 movements roughly framed around Beethoven’s 9th (Ode to Joy). The orchestra will consist of volunteers (you) playing your own pre-recorded laughs with your cell phones (utilizing VoiceNotes/voice memo), arranged in orchestral sections based on tonal quality (pitch and texture). The performance will last 20 minutes—excluding commercial breaks between movements. (There are even opportunities for solos!)

We will sound together (phono sym) our individual “canned laughter” in theme and variation, sequence and imitation, rhythmically “sweetening” the episode and establishing the laugh pattern for the live audience (also you)!

Come for silliness, come for spectacle!

Laughers/Players/Performers and Everyone else wanted:
· No musical or performance experience necessary
· Bring your laughter and a cell phone that will record and playback your voice
· Only 1 hour of your time gets you a shared experience you won’t forget
Meet on the steps under the monument in Logan Square @ 5:45 pm for section placement, tuning and warm-ups.

Let’s fake-laugh in “sweetened” harmony, and then “real”-laugh at ourselves! Hope to see you there.
~Conductor Sit Com (Situationist Comedy) ....a.k.a. "k"

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