Wednesday, September 3, 2008

A shark bites the home

Dear K, 

Loved the shark reference. A perfect hysterical example of the occasionally oxymoronic art world. It's such a series of dichotomies - constantly contradicting itself. I completely agree with your correlation between art stars and celebrities, I'm sure it is a let down of sorts. Constant pressure and an inevitable hollowness that follows fame.

On a more down to earth level... Above are some photos from artist Roy McMakin. I was first introduced to him at Red Dot, where we had his ceramics piece, Untitled, (Vases about Language and Redemption). As much as I was attracted to these delicately simplistic forms, I wasn't sure that these vases had anything to do with "language and redemption". I find that this happens quite often... artists trying to make things into something they are not. Of course, the minute I see this title, I think that I might be missing out/missing the point. How can one be redeemed from the slight curve of a vase? Maybe some can... but I am left wanting either more explanation, or even less. 

Regardless, Roy McMakin has some interesting ideas. A recent NYTimes article highlighted his newest project, an "Alice in Wonderland" house of sorts. I like the hollowed out walls and the simplistic design, yet attention to purist architectural archetypes. He manages to be playful with the architecture, without going over the top. (A tendency used frequently with aforementioned Damien). Would you live here??

Where is the line? And is it the role of the post-modern art world (if we are even still in this category, which is also up for debate) to continually draw and re-draw "THE LINE"? 

Went swimming last night looking for sharks,

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