Wednesday, December 3, 2008

Bombarded, Bailouts and Basel-ed

Dear K, 

A quickie to mention the beginning of  "The week Miami was the center of the art universe." Art Basel and all of its associative fairs, festivities and fabulous people watching always seems so dramatic to me. The hype, the glitter-ridden couture mini skirts, the pretension... its fantastic and slightly disturbing. With the economy being the way it currently is, I'm actually glad that I am not that "gallerina" (See Ny Times article) that I was last year - timidly informing potential buyers of the completely out of hand art world pricing system. (Hysterically, I thought that this status meant that I had somehow "made it"... and this year I am thankful to not be involved.)

This year I will go as a voyeur... simply taking it all in, and taking it all with grains of salt on palm trees. Sometimes I feel like grad school forced us to take our selves so seriously, subsequently we started looking at the art world in serious and formal manner. The problem? - The art world is as problem-ridden as politics. And frankly, I think it needs a bailout. 

I'll be back with updates.. 

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