Saturday, December 6, 2008

speaking of minis...

C and I ran across a gang of mini-skirted, high-healed trixies on our way home from gallery openings last night. Maybe this was our little version of Miami Fair? Only one major difference--it was 13 degrees! It's funny to think of the bejeweled mini-skirt type as an art buyer. I guess if they can spend a couple thou on a tiny piece of fabric that almost covers their cracks, then for some new blingy beach house accessory, money isn't an issue. Then there is the matter of taste...hmm.

I am glad, though, that you aren't in the gallerina chair this time. Not that last time was any easier, but the pressure of "selling" art now seems more ridiculous than ever. Even J--my collector's perspective--says the economy has finally touched the art world. I don't know why, but this makes me feel a little better. At least the two worlds (art and rest) are somewhat connected and the repression isn't exclusive. J keeps me up on the auctions (esp. the online ones), and numbers aren't as high as usual for fame namers. No bailout needed, though, we're still talkin' big money. So...what does this mean, then? Is it too hopeful to think that this might affect value systems? Maybe with less buyers, lower spenders, the demand of making-to-sell will turn to making for other reasons? Will buyers break fashion trends and take chances on lesser knowns (because they are lesser costs)? May the business of art buy/sell die with the stock market? I can dream.

Anyway (Allora), grad school did make us take art too seriously, and I still have some major angst because of it. I think we had to completely immerse. And k, really, can you think of one task we've undertaken that we haven't treated too seriously? Just admit it, we're total nerds! Now we're 3 years coming out and beginning to find wholeness in other things. It's great perspective!


p.s. loved the collab. post---what an amazing interactive site! i have some responses, but i'm slow. will post again soon.

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