Thursday, December 11, 2008

collabo wandering

Hey k,
Since we began discussing our show this summer and the workshop ideas, I've been hyper-keyed to collaboration. It's PeeWee's word of the day. AAhhHhhhhh! He he!

Go collabo!
  1. My student's did a crazy joint drawing a couple weeks ago on the dry erase board. Two of us got it started, and the rest couldn't have enough marker time. It was good productive togetherness! (Reminded me of our instigating "Friday Night Dance Party" at Waterworks back in 2001.)
  2. C and I just did a lil' drawin' for a friend of jumbled up people and cats and bling and pickles. Sweet fun.
  3. Recently talking about my co-created and co-taught class with J at the MCA---a challenging and productive teaching strategy that continues to drive my philosophies on art education.
  4. H, a friend from Memphis, posted his facebook status, "H is working on his Collaborative Painting & Drawing syllabus and is looking for examples of artists who've collaborated. Any suggestions?" Received responses from several "face-friends" like: Picasso and Braque, De Kooning and Rauschenberg, Abramovich and Ulay, Warhol and Basquiat, Bismuth and Gondry, Parreno and Gordon, Doug and Mike Starn, Dino and Jake Chapman, David Bowie and Hirst, Charles Long and Stereolab (the art guys), Bernd + Hilla Becher, Newton + Helen Mayer Harrison, Art Club 2000, Tim Rollins + K.O.S., Atelier Van Lieshout, Group Material, General Idea, Komar & Melamid, Gilbert & George, Bob & Bob, Terry Fox & Joseph Beuys, Fischli & Weiss, Seals and Croft, and I'm sure that Thomas Kinkade has collaborated with many - oh yeah, that's right, he has a staff that paints for him! UGH.
  5. And most recently, I noticed an enews about a December 2008/January 2009 issue of Modern Painters that includes an article about "merging artists" (get it? instead of their usual "emerging artists" section). Really wonderful work by 9 artist-teams. Above pics: Nina Canell and Robin Watkins, still from Sea Chant (2006) + BenoƮt Maire and Falke Pisano, Organon (2008)
Plus I have my own on-going list of fave collaborators--will share later.

I'm glad in a time of technology-driven social connection that artists (and others) are finding more ways to physically coproduce. Especially with the cold months ahead, we need more warm body time.

Looking forward to our future co-adventures!

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