Thursday, April 30, 2009

lost, found, and recontextualized

Busy lady K,
Cool install at the Showtel! The lighting really sets the mood--much like Gregory Crewdson photographs--and leaves an eerie feeling that something is amiss. Your found slide reworkings are beautiful in that urban decay romance. Here we are again working with the old, beat-up, fantasy marker of memory. But K, this looks like a darker nostalgia than I've ever seen from you. The elements of consumption and (almost) destruction may be giving way to your current state of life making. Not only are you layering and stacking and building and adding, but also taking away, clearing, and covering--it's a complex subtraction (and not necessarily a negative one). I'm also glad you're working with the now archaic technology of the slide projector (the didactic tool of the Art Historian). In parallel, I'm appropriating the old ABCs of mechanics (Automata has always been a very masculine field hasn't it?). It's silly really, but I like the look, sound, and process of making things "work" (spin, move, etc.).

Look forward to seeing your wallpaper samples!


1. Found this distorted polaroid in the alley behind my house. I'm not sure if it was intended this way or if it was just discarded and left for the weather and outside elements to "take care of it." It reminded me of your slides. I was afraid to pick it up, so just snapped a pic with my cellphone.
2. Still shot of my tornado machine--simple automata of wood, cardboard, and cotton. And it really spins!!!

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