Saturday, May 15, 2010

green stories

I almost forgot our password...

Here's my post for our new plan.

Before the outdoor gardening begins, I've been giving some special care to all of my indoor babies, (and learning a little too).

Here are the highlights:I got the little Jade from Chinatown last time we ate Dim Sum---now that she's in terra cotta, she's lookin' mighty fine! The light green one in the middle was a gift from Kim (she and Matt got it as a clipping from the Garfield Park Conservatory). He's an Aeonium, and now that I know how to water properly, Aeo's growing tall!I finally learned that this lovely droopy lady is an Ornithogalum Caudatum (sometimes called Sea Onion), and she has multiple pregnancies!--something I have never seen before. Her baby bulbs grow right on her bulb under a few layers of skin. Once they have matured, the skin peels away and they fall off and plant themselves right next to her. So cool! I gathered a few of her pups and put them in a new pot. So...I'm breeding sea onions!My African Violet has been blooming consistently since we moved to the new house. She must really like it here. Chris's friend Kim gave her to us a year ago when we had that "Keep the C in Country" Event. The leaves are like velvet earlobes.Jefferson gave us this mini Orchid in Florida at the beach house. I brought her on the flight home, protected her by my feet on the plane. Surprisingly, she made it!My other succulents are goin' strong as well!Share your succulents, too!

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