Sunday, May 16, 2010

home goodies

As a carryover from my last post, I wanted to share some details from my post-wedding gift nesting. Here are a few adorable new items for our home. Flower measuring spoon set from Natalie---so pretty! Gorgeous blue colander from C&B. And sweet footed dessert bowls from my parents' friends.I reorganized our growing collection of finger puppets, displaying some new ones we got in Florida. Armadillo is cutest!Yesterday, we walked next door to our neighbor's back yard sale, that really happened in the basement. We learned a little gossip on the street and history of the house--ghosts and biases and all. I'm really looking forward to getting outside and meeting the neighborhood now that it's almost summer. We bought 2 things: this little birdhouse and a funny ceramic toilet that Robin's (neighbor) sister had made. My mom gave Chris this backbone (I think from a cow or other large animal) for his drawing class. In the meantime, it's a favorite knick-knack of mine.Trying to display more things that remind me of Florida, I put out some tiny shells on our bookshelf. And the cutie heart dish you gave us, now holds all the shells we collected in the 2 days after the wedding--yay!That's all for now from the homestead. We're trekking to the Home Depot today for tomatoes + herbs to plant outside. Chat soon!

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