Sunday, May 16, 2010

Happy summer!

Dearest newly Mrs. K,

Love your recent posts... and our new burst of springtime energy.

I've had a weekend of smiles, sun and various productivity. I wanted to share with you the garden made by many hands (mostly me + Kelly, but also Elise, Tina and of course, the hubs). As you can see, we put herbs and butterfly-flocking flowers in the planters, then totally revamped the area along the fence with plants, mulch in a fav color and a cutie little white picket fence (which we found in the garage from the previous owner - score!)

Mom gave me these sweet lil birds with herb indicators.. love them

These wispy purple flowers, "society garlic" are my favorite.. delicate and soft and I can watch them move in the wind while washing dishes.

After a "bookshelf explosion" and months of trying to figure out a solution for my studio getting baked by the summertime sun - we put up a new shelf and I made these wallpaper panels to block out the sun out of old wallpaper that I had hanging around. (so now when you and C come to visit, you won't get blinded by the morning sun!)

Went to an art fair and actually bought something! This amazing print by local artist Ashlee Walters. Its mixed media, drawing and silkscreen and I totally love it. Gonna frame it for our "saloon" as S says. (He meant "salon"-style dining room - but now we just call it "The Saloon" ;) It was a great weekend of art.. even went to an amazing opening at a new gallery, Rabbit 18.

Your succulents look amazing (I need your secrets!), sea babies intriguing and thanks for sharing new love gifts. Talk soon, you!

xoxo, K

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