Sunday, March 13, 2011

following the others

Hey K! We had a wonderful weekend together with E in the North Georgian woods. I'm fired up to get back on our virtual sharing.

I wanted to share some other bloggers (people I know) who post frequent snippets to guide and inspire their personal art practices---a lead, I think, we can follow.

First up: Tailored
Lindsay Chenault Bolton shares her inspiration and observations about hand lettering, typography, design trends in general, and life---referencing imagery she stumbles upon on etsy or other artist/designer sites. She also posts her own work in process--drawings, tracings, and final product shots.

Second: Everyday Artworks
Katherine Lion started this blog as a way to force herself to make. (Sound familiar?) Her goal is to create one thing a day for a whole year, and she has made it to 183 so far---halfway there!

So...let's quit procrastinating and just do it!

Here's the goal: Once a week, we'll post up something, anything that we are working on artistically (design, craft, planning, research...whatever!). Hold me accountable, and I'll do the same for you.

What d'ya say?


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