Sunday, March 27, 2011

piles of xeroxed paper, little snacks, and glittery rocks

K! OMG, that "put a bird on it" video was hilarious and so true! It does seem all the craft fairs have meet Hitchcock's The Birds. Hee.

You beat me to it this week---awesome! Glad you're finally working on pattern. I totally know how it feels to be thinking about and collecting bits for something for a long time without being able to get down into it. So congrats!

My Thursday art day was somewhat productive. I completed another little study for piles (above). And I began scheming for another Mabel-type performance for the fall. Just trying to figure out logistical things: like renting a truck for 3 days to perform in it, possible locations of the touring performance, how to get others involved from the get-go, what this should be about... It's exciting, though.

Yesterday, C and I had a fun outing to the Chicago Zine Fest, which had 3 floors of Zinesters showing/selling their wares, workshops, lectures, and a little film fest. This was the most beautiful animation: I love the sketchy aesthetic and haunting sound production. Very inspiring for my own upcoming animation project.We bought a few zines for the Good Stuff House collection, and then enjoyed Dim Sum in Chinatown. After filling our bellies we came home to fiddle around the house. I'm propagating a few plants. Check out my baby airplants atop the rock collection---rocks from Victoria, B.C. and Unicoi State Park. ;) Looking good!More next week. Love ya!

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