Saturday, July 30, 2011

I heart multitasking

Dearest K,

Thanks for the love.. much needed and felt. Back at ya, sister.

Love your dance photos and stage mock up drawings! Traveling truck show is going to be such a success, I know it!

I've been pumping out the design projects the last few weeks also. Here are the projects I have just completed.

1. Etsy Banner Design for the lovely Elise. She has great jewelry, check it out!

2. Package Design for new local snack food: I got a Wacom drawing tablet and it has literally changed my drawing/design life! You would love it.

3. Starting K Street Projects (in the works!! FINALLY. Stay tuned for listed items) After years of both of us talking about this, I'm finally starting it. Now to start binding books with my new materials.

I'm finishing summer classes and off to Brother Canoe Camping in New England. Can't wait to be in the cool breeze of the trees.. its hot, hot, hot here! And I desperately need a vacation.

Will report back with canoe photos when I return.

Lots of love, K

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