Saturday, March 31, 2012

Spring into Art + Love

Dear K,

Love your little stone plant! Super alien and odd, but intriguing.

Lots going on here... equal parts relaxing and working. Spring is in the air, along with new flowers and we have a slightly cool breeze still. Is it spring there yet? These trees are everywhere in my neighborhood and I am obsessed with their pop of yellow. (I have no idea what they are... oh well, I can still enjoy them)

Been still doing some random crafty/silly projects.. which coupled with teaching and other art looming, feels like a nice release. See new fabric rocking chair and 1 hour collages below.

 Other news: I had an art opening last night and tonight for the Outside the Box show at Whitespace. 22 artists did outdoor installations - and it ended up being pretty amazing. The big hit of the show were these blow-ups below. The lighting and sheer scale of them were awesome.

The mirrored piece was done by a former student of mine! First time I've been included in a show with a student, felt pretty excited for her. Made me remember my first exhibit, where all my books and boxes fell off the wall ;) Remember?

 I made my slides that I did for HomePage into a video and added another layer of images onto them to project onto the above wall.

And.. last but not least. ... It's our 5 year anniversary today ;) After I set up my video for night 2 of Outside the Box, we'll be going out to a fancy dinner and enjoying a nice evening.

Here's to spring + love. I'm feeling sappy these days...

Hope you are great! Love playing scrabble with you!
xoxo, K.

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S said...

I LOVE all these pictures & this blog!!! thanks for posting & good job K's!!!!!