Saturday, June 7, 2008

little notes + L words

Yay K---Summer color in saturated Florida! I miss it. I've been collecting color schemes, too, on my Flickr page:
Which reminds me, with your new camera, you should totally put up a Flickr page. I want to see your pics!

I saw the "What it is" book on my way to lunch the other day at the bookshop in Macy's. I'll have to go back and spend more time with it. Looks like fun to get lost in the scattered text + playful doodles. Makes me wish we did more drawing and physical writing to each other (like we used to)!

Speaking of little notes, I just received a postcard from the girl I bought that painting from, ya know, from the 8x8 show last summer. She was featured on the virtual cover of Flavorpill. Look:

I just returned from a Graduate Student Symposium, Intervening Feminism, in relation to the Fem. show @ ARC. I haven't been in such an academic setting in a while! It was nice to listen to the language of Art Historians on contemporary artists and feminist theory. What a different world from "in the making" critical thought! I listened to papers about Orlan, a photographer in Evanston, and Lesbian images + the Mainstream Media, for which (as I had guessed) the 'L Word' was a topic of discussion. As you know, I went through a brief fascination with the L. But I recently watched the entire Season 3 in two days, guiltily binging---Life, Love, Lust as dramatic sexual overload---and now (purging), am officially "over" it!
More on the topic "shock value + sexuality--paradoxical approaches to the feminist discussion" after I let this simmer a few days.

That's all for now!
Love you!


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