Wednesday, June 4, 2008

What it is... What IS it?

Dearest K, 

Hello! I miss you.. we both have been swamped. I have been drifting into the dog days of Florida summer - which makes my eyes hurt and my body sleepy. My only remedy? - The darkest pair of sunglasses and a plethora of afternoon smoothie making. I'm so glad that you have found this new job (as if we both don't already have 10 jobs each!) as an Alterna-artologist! -Love it. I like this inventing of jobs, words, etc. I had my students invent their own "isms" the other day based on their life.. pretty funny. Your post totally reminds me of one of my favorite artists Andrea Zittel (whom SarahL delightfully jogged my memory of). Legitimate business is the key.

While I loved your conceptual banter, my brain is feeling tired today. Apparently, I have been drawn to cartooning lately. (Which is strange because it has never been my thing.) In my previous life laying out newspapers, I remember Lynda Barry's sketchy lines. - Her inspiration and wit gave solace to my days of writing obituaries.  She has a new book, "What it is" and has a great spread on her. Check it out.. it's delightful, light and colorful - exactly what I need to counteract summer burnout. 

Over and out, 

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