Thursday, June 19, 2008

Ships Central

My darling K!

Damn.. I have been missing you. More apologies (damn, and I've been so good at keeping my promise of apologizing less!) for my lack of blogging. Turns out I had mono of all things, and coupled with sickness, traveling and end of semester, I have been a little incognito. Alas, I have many things on my lists... and ships seem to be at the top lately. I've always been intrigued by old ships, ships in bottles (Haven't actually made one yet - but want to soo badly!), and sails of all kinds. The irony in this is that I practically get sea sick in a canoe. Oh well... 

In my summertime wanderings, I remembered my love for MassMOCA and decided to see what they have been up to lately, since I'm down here in the heat and won't be visiting the mountains anytime soon. Via their website, I discovered this fantastic collective called Miss Rockaway Armada. Their current exhibit which started my heart a little is called, "Being Here is Better than Wishing We'd Stayed." Constructed ships, fun times down rivers, assembling of disparate objects - makes me think of a modern day Huck Finn. Be sure to check out their Flickr site - its quite fantastical. 

Speaking of Flickr, I know you have been barking at me to start mine... its on my "little" list for tonight. - By the way, love that blank notepad, it's perfect for feminist musings. Look for Montreal photos soon!


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