Sunday, June 29, 2008

pride + joy

Just wanted to share some pics from the pride parade today. It was super fun! My fave acts were the line-dancing cowboys and a float of parents bearing signs that say "My Son is Gay and He's Great! (actually he's awesome!)". Really adorable! J and I were equally as proud of our city---extra CTA workers, security, police---all enabling an organized and peaceful flow through the crazy crowds. There was a little animosity (as was expected): a group of holy-roller protesters with signs of condemnation and megaphones blaring. On our way back we noticed the same corner of protesters only this time, LGBT's for God stood right in front of them out-yelling the megaphone--"You are God's Pride and Joy!" and "Don't listen to those guys, God loves you just as you are!"--with sweet little handmade signs. J + J staged a mini "Kiss-in". ;)
Overall, it was a beautiful, fuzzy feeling day!

Love you!

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