Friday, April 1, 2011

Blued memories

Dear K,

Hey you! Man.. intense work week, so I wanted to just play around with cyanotypes today. I spent so much time in grad school coveting the perfect shade of blueish cyan that I forgot how fun these prints can be. Granted, I didn't concoct my own chemicals, paint them on handmade paper, dry them and then print negatives/drawings on them.... oh well. Busy times call for pre-made cyanotype paper! I went all Anna Atkins and simply made images of plants in my yard. My favorite were the air plants. (Reminded me of your new air plant glass container) A non-conceptual outdoor project on a beautiful sunny day. I needed some photo fun - all my time in front of the computer screen these days make me miss the smells of the darkroom. It was like seeing a ghost of an old friend...

Since its spring, we have the beginnings of fresh mangos being dropped into our yard by the neighbor's tree. Perfect! I loved the light in this quick still life.

Also managed to finish my design portfolio! (whew) - Fully KMH branded and everything ... will post portfolio pics next week. Until then.. still doing visual pattern research and pondering lines, shapes, etc. Can I count buying a new rug as pattern research?? ;) The below pillow is a Norwegian pillow that used to belong to my dad, I treasure it so and think it looks great with the new orangey striped rug. Whatcha think?

I'm continuing to love your piles... keep em coming. And, I REALLY loved that animation - totally reminded me of a more whimsical version of the William Kendridge exhibit we saw together. Until next week.. love ya!

xo, K.

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ilana said...

Kristin-i love your new rug! I had it my hands at the store and Mr. C did not like it so much. I squelched my want of it, but super happy to see you have it.

[It counts as research!]

I may go buy it now, too! Lovely cyanos.