Sunday, June 12, 2011

Invasion of the summer piles

Hey K!

Happy Sunday, its hot, hot, hot here and I spent a sweaty Saturday in my studio.. felt good to finish two pieces (out of 4 total) that will be in an upcoming show. I've titled these "I-Invasion" - thinking about piles of technology vs piles of analog. I Photo pics are mounted and then "invaded" by handmade mixed media (including recent linocuts). Feeling good about them, and I really like the blobby, organic shapes growing from a classic square. Whatcha think?

I totally love your animated blobs falling.. its like watching raindrops fall, mesmerizing. Love the color scheme too. Where is this going? Coco knows the perfect place to nap..

Thanks the feedback on the mitochondria power house t-shirt.. sorry for the visual confusion. Yes, that is the shirt I made, I just chose to post a photo of it on a model (not brother).

Also, random house improvement photo below. We are checking off lots of our summer mini (AKA cheap) house projects, this handmade rope handrail on the stairs is our latest. Simple, kinda nautical and it is totally functional. Now Grandma won't fall down the stairs when she comes over ;)

Hope you and C are having a great Sunday. We just got back from seeing a matinee ballet. . and now to tackle school stuff. This week I've got to finish two more invasions.. and clean up the invasion of falling mangos in our backyard. I'm obsessed - I've made mango slaw, mango sorbet, smoothies, mango bread. You name it.. What's on your plate?

Love ya, K.

p.s. That Daft Punk video was totally awesome! Thanks for sharing.

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