Thursday, June 2, 2011

Surface designs

Hey K,

Love the jellies .. (I'm so predictable) Hope things are going better this week.

Not much to report. Had a great trip .. even went kayaking with family. Super fun. A short work week, including my brother's b-day tomorrow. (He's convinced I should start a whole t-shirt line of organisms. I'm tempted.) Both designs are kinda inside jokes - as my bro always says he is "living the dream" despite his 30-hour shift days. The mitochondria t-shirt design is in response to what few memories I have of biology class... this little organism is about the only thing I ever remember. Something about that "powerhouse of the cell" term that always stuck.

Two great things from this week, design-related.
1. Brother thought that I bought his t-shirt, when I made it. (whoa, professional!)
2. A favorite student gave me a rad poster he designed to hang on my new office wall in the fall.


xo. K.

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